Top 9 Natural Living Must Haves

Natural living can have many interpretations of it. The good part about this is that you can gradually change your life to suit your preferences and needs. From the food you consume to the products you use, all of these work together to contribute to natural living.

To begin living naturally, you will have to approach ways of living that are the closest possible to what nature would have intended for us. You will be conscious of the ecosystem around you and also your own well-being.

It is not a one-time effort but a consistent method to control our environments and stay in tune with the seasons. Read ahead as we discuss the top 9 natural living must-haves for you.

Natural Living Must Haves

If you are concerned about chemicals and toxins and want to adopt natural living, using the right products can take you a step closer to your goals. Read ahead as we discuss the top 9 natural-living must-haves.

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1. Cleaning Essentials for Your Home

To bring nature closer to your space, you can opt to live in ways that respect the earth. You can take a step towards a natural lifestyle by opting for cleaning products that honor this.

You will have to begin by stocking up on cleaning spray bottles. You can add various clean ingredients to this to clean your space better. If you think that you will add citrus essential oils, opt for glass bottles.

For natural or green living, you can get microfiber cloths or 100% cotton cloths that will help you keep the dirt in your home away. The idea is to reduce using paper towels every time.

This is a good practice to learn to help the earth as well. By not using paper, you will also love how you even save money in the long run. As for a cleaning agent, you can use baking soda.

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, it is one of how you can get rid of the odor. It is also used to remove dirt and grease from various things. You can buy it in a one-pound bag and change how you clean it completely.

2. Castile Soap

If you want to clean your skin and even your dirty dishes naturally, opt for Castile soap. It is a good option for every family that has versatile needs. It is made of clean ingredients that you will be able to pronounce.

It is soap made with a concentrated vegetable base. Many people adore it because it is gentle on your skin and will keep any surface away from dirt and germs. You don’t need to stock up on different soaps to get each surface clean.

It is easy to use, and your entire family can use the soap for organic living. Hence, you will be able to make a positive change in the world through natural living.

3. Essential Oils

One of the key ways to organic living that many people opt for is the use of essential oils. They are great additions to your life and a great start to your natural living lifestyle.

They are a simple method to solve many of your health woes. They can be used as cleaners in your home but also accept the task of addressing your skin’s issues. They are an eco-friendly choice as they are extracted directly from the bark, leaves, resin, and other parts of plants and trees.

Essential oils like eucalyptus oil have various health benefits and can rid your life of infections. Others like lavender are soothing and contribute to a simple and calming lifestyle.

You will find several oils in the list, and you can get ones that suit your various needs. Don’t stop at one and add several of them to contribute to a healthy home.

4. Natural Butters

To add to your simple natural lifestyle, look for naturally made body butters that promote healthy skin. Use your time and browse through the pre-made body butter collection on the market.

Do ensure that only natural ingredients are used. They are creamy and soft and come in rich textures for regular use. They are made for use in lip balms, body lotions, creams, and body washes.

They are often included as a recommendation when you look for tips to keep your body healthy and soft. You can apply it to your hands, feet, and cuticles as well. If you live in areas that experience cold winter climates, these butters are a simple remedy to avoid and tend to cracked skin.

They are also an organic way to help fade stretch marks. Make sure to check that the components in the natural butter are actually organic and exclude any chemicals.

4. Organic Tea

A good addition to your list of natural things is incorporating organic tea into your diet. You can drink several available teas, from green tea to chamomile tea. The options are endless.

It is a simple method to boost the antioxidants in your body. Tea also has lots of other applications in your life. You can use it to boost the look of your hair and skin. You can add it to your bath or simply start buying natural soaps with tea in them.

You can look for these when you are shopping for beauty products.

5. Microwaves

If eco-friendly living is important to you, swap your conventional oven with a microwave. Contrary to popular belief, microwaves are made to be more efficient. They have better energy-saving capacities than a conventional oven does.

You don’t just have to heat your meals either. A microwave can be a versatile appliance using which you can cook lots of things. They also cook much faster as well.

However, you will have to regularly check to see if your microwave is dirty. A dirty microwave will cook slower and will lead to energy wastage. Keeping it clean and tidy using natural products is better for your food and the earth.

6. Home Garden

A must-have for a natural life is local produce. You can approach your local farmer’s market for the season’s best produce. A better approach is to also keep your home garden prepped and ready.

Along with shopping in the market, you may also be making healthier choices by eating the vegetables and other herbs you grow in your own garden. These small changes can bring nutritious food into your kitchen.

Gradually, these little changes add up to make you healthier and the world more sustainable. It only takes a few minutes each day to maintain your garden. Ensure that you only use natural fertilizers and pesticides.

Water your home garden regularly as well. For added fun, you can start a small gardening project with your entire family.

7. Natural Personal Care

Your beauty products may be a host to several chemical additions. If your aim is a natural living, you will have to make beauty choices that account for the materials in the products you buy.

Look for natural ingredients that are ethically sourced. You may want to avoid microbeads in your products. These little beads may often be made of plastic and are not biodegradable.

Hence, it is easy for them to join around the natural course of water and enter the food chain. You need to steer clear of these as they can really be damaging to the environment.

Products that may contain these are those body washes, kinds of toothpaste, and face scrubs too. Take a look at the products your family purchases, too, and make sure that they exclude any chemicals.

Read the ingredient list carefully and teach your little ones to do so as a habit by themselves. This will really contribute to promoting natural living among the younger generations.

8. Cycle

As obvious as it may seem, you will be doing your bit for the environment by getting a bicycle. It is a great alternative to other vehicles and will also keep you active. Start to walk small distances as well.

If you only need to communte a few blocks, leave your car in your garage and walk. You can do this throughout your day, depending on the lifestyle you live. Further, avoid flying when you can.

When you fly, it uses tons of carbon and can be damaging to the environment. Here are a few easy tips for driving in compliance with natural living. If you think you must drive on any given day, try doing so at a slower speed.

People also find that keeping their tires inflated gives them a proper shot at driving better. You may also want to confirm that the engine is running properly. Together, all of these make driving a better experience and reduce their impact on the environment.

  1. Natural Clothing

When you learn to live a natural lifestyle, it is also a great idea to opt for natural clothes. You can certainly do this by looking at brands that ethically source their clothes. Learn to ensure that the fabrics are also natural and that the manufacturers are making the clothes naturally.

Look for fibers like wool, cotton, and bamboo. There should be no synthetic materials or less than what you are previously used to. This will let you take gradual and progressive steps to natural living.

Natural clothing also reinforces your lifestyle choices and sets an example for others. It is among the best tips to get your family and friends to join the bandwagon.

What are the Advantages of Natural Living?

There are countless benefits to living in an eco-friendly manner and consuming natural food and home products. Read ahead as we discuss the benefits of living naturally.

Positive Impact On the Environment

The seemingly little things you do when you live by nature’s rules can greatly impact the environment. When you make your food from locally sourced produce or use ethical products, you reduce your carbon footprint.

Ethical sourcing is also a simple method of preserving the habitats of several animals. It is among the best tips is to check and see if the products you use are ethically made.

Keeps Your System Away from Disruptions

Chemicals in your skin and hair care solutions can have repercussions on your health. A good option is to make your own skincare using what is available in your kitchen among the myriad skincare tips.

It is a simple way to protect yourself from dizziness, hyperpigmentation, and other hormonal issues. The main culprits for these effects are sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol in the ingredient-list.

In extreme cases, these can lead to liver failure and heart damage.

Keeps You Stress-Free

Living according to nature is an entire lifestyle change in itself. You will be opting for fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and your products will be organically sourced. Among the several tips, a good option is also to move more often and exercise regularly.

In addition to this, you will have to drink adequate amounts of water. When all of these occur together, the endorphins in your body also increase. This leads to more energy and a stress-free life too.

Makes You Healthier

When you reduce your vehicles’ use and live by nature’s rules, you may adopt habits like cycling and walking. These bring about a real change in your health. In addition to this, you end up following a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals.

All of this adds to your health and keeps up your overall wellbeing and health.

Different for All

A key advantage of living by keeping nature in mind is that there are no specific rules you have to follow. It can vary for each person. Some people simply use fewer chemicals, and others choose to go chemical-free.

The vital thing is to contribute as much as you personally can. If you like tips to begin living by nature’s rules, start by taking smaller and easier steps. You can build on these to progress with time.

Your individual community, income, and several other factors will affect the steps you take. Take some time and note down what actions would constitute natural living for you. You can then incorporate some essential oils, naturally sourced food and products, and more cycling into your routine.

First, focus on what you can add and not what you can remove. The better additions will naturally replace the chemical products you use. With time, you will be well on your way to living naturally.

Summing It Up

Living naturally is a simple way to contribute to the earth and the ecosystem. You can make a significant difference at each step. From the food system to the way we travel, you can make more conscious choices.

The best part is that the journey can be a lot of fun. You will learn new recipes and incorporate lots of new skills along the way. You will also find yourself calmer and will have more energy to go about your day.

It opens up an exciting new world of constant learning and tweaking to allow you to live in sync with the earth.

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