Is Natural Beauty Better?

Pure and non-toxic is what nature love. But as science is moving forward, we human beings are moving towards creating a world of our own. A world where we don’t have to go by nature’s laws and could purely on chemicals and man-made things.

With this advancing age, we are falling even deeper in love with the artificialness of the products around us and their short-sighted benefits. We tend to satisfy ourselves with the processes happening on the surface without even considering what is going to happen deep down.

Why do we go for artificial beauty products?

Many among us are very much aware of what the modern era is doing to the human race and how we are writing our doom. They discuss how natural beauty is better and things that we should do it promote it.

However, what are the real reasons behind us going for something artificial? Some of the noticeable factors or reasons are mentioned below. Have a look.

Worshipping perfection

One of the many reasons why people tend to move towards something not natural for their body and skin is that they have started worshipping perfection. As we now have so many sources of information and platforms to pass it on, we have a very different perception of what beauty looks like.

In earlier times, human beings did not have a source to generate beauty products that were chemically produced. Moreover, with a lack of communicative platforms, they had their separate views and perceptions of what true beauty is. This is how they stayed close to nature without affecting skin, mind, or health.

Rising insecurity

As more people meet, see each other’s lives, and pass on information from one corner of the world to another within a few seconds, the level of insecurity in us has started rising. We are now competing with people from all around the world for no particular reason and expect to rise to their beauty standard.

We have started comparing ourselves with the idea of a perfect body and perfect skin, with people that don’t even belong to geographical regions as we do. With places located on different spots on earth, our body and skin features are bound to be different.

However, we human beings have conveniently set this reason aside and have started making ourselves “better.”

Quicker results

We have busy lives and suffocating schedules. We have no time to spend on families, vacations, or even on ourselves. This comes obvious that we would have no time to waste on natural beauty products that take months to show results. We are modern people who need results as quick as lightning.

This is where artificial beauty products come to play. They take our lack of time as an important factor and work accordingly. With so many chemicals constituted in them, they start showing results in no more than a day. If you go for an even better product, you might get the result instantly.

Therefore, as we have quicker results that we can see right in front of our eyes, we start believing in the mystical powers of these artificial products. We do this while closing our eyes to what all problems this will bring to us.

What do we mean by natural beauty?

Despite being huge fans of artificial beauty products and their effects, we still talk about natural beauty, skincare, and how precious it is. But do we know the true meaning of being a natural beauty? Natural beauty is not just a term for human beings.

Natural beauty or clean beauty is what we have around us. From untouched mountains, rivers, and landscapes to deep blue oceans and their magical creatures, nature has defined what natural beauty truly means. Nature is a very important part of beauty for every living being on earth.

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Be it for plants, animals, birds, or even for us human beings, staying closer to nature will give us more beauty that will stay in the long run and grow. Natural beauty means something untouched by toxic chemicals that are not a part of nature’s plan.

No matter how crazy we go about artificial products, we would never be able to match the standards of natural beauty and the benefits it adds to our skincare. Having natural beauty is one of the most attractive things that a woman or even a man can have. With nicely shapely lips, eyes, and no surgical nose, you tend to look prettier.

For all the ladies out there, even men get more attracted to women who look prettier and clean after they remove their make-up. An untouched beauty can make your man crazier for you than any toxic chemicals can. Carrying your natural beauty features with confidence can make you more attractive than some artificial products.

Are artificial beauty products affecting our health?

Apart from all the moral reasons, there are some other drawbacks that we don’t think about while going artificial beauty products. By not using something that could provide us our natural beauty, we bring ourselves to a great risk of health and inconvenience in the long run.

According to studies, any average woman aged between 20-30 used around ten cosmetics in 2020! And considering how many chemicals each of these products contain, we are putting at least 168 chemicals on our face each day for the year 2020.

This tends to have a huge ill effect on our health in the long run, which these big brands tend to hide from us. So, what are these drawbacks that we are not aware of or are ignoring very conveniently?

Chances of developing cancer cells

Have we ever noticed how frequent or common breast cancers have become? And have we ever thought why? The products that we usually buy for our face, hair, and body have several ingredients that disrupt our bodily processes and instigate the generation of cancer cells.

Some shampoos and deodorants contain chemicals that shouldn’t be inhaled by us. After using them, once the fumes enter our body, they start to react, and out of the blue, we get associated with a dangerous disease.

The ingredient is called paraben and is generally found in body washes, shampoos, and deodorants as a preserving agent. Additionally, the chemical formation of this agent looks very similar to that of estrogen, the female hormone in our body. This reacts and thus harms us in countless ways.

Reduces sperm count

In this black hole of harmful chemical products, it is not just women who are stuck. Even the men of our era have engrossed themselves way too much into the artificial cosmetic industry. The paraben present in their products tends to reduce the sperm count significantly. Moreover, over time, the testosterone in the body also gets weaker and brings several changes in them.

The chemicals found in chemicals such as nail polishes, eyelash adhesives, etc., tend to also generate cancer cells over time.

Respiratory problems

Did you know there are several chemicals present in your products as ingredients that are very harmful to your endocrine system and respiratory organs? However, most brands tend to not mention this information for obvious reasons.

These ingredients have a separate set of impurities that intoxicate your body to a very great extent. They are mostly found in shampoos, dyes, mascara, liners, foundation, etc.

How to bring a change

With so many downsides of using artificial beauty products, it comes as obvious that a change is needed. A change that would improve our habits, introduce new choices, and helps us find a way to change how we see ourselves. We indeed need some external products that will help us sustain our healthy skin.

As a first, we strictly need products that are will not make us even prettier or better, but keep our natural beauty intact. For this to happen, we need to make more natural choices. Getting away from products that offer quick results is highly crucial.

Go for products that offer long-term benefits even if they take a lot of time to show signs of change. To your benefit, some brands think about the good of the clients and the environment.

Instead of using a carton full of chemicals, they resort to natural ingredients that are good and plant-based, and this causes you to harm next to zero. There are several benefits that these natural beauty products could bring you. Some of them are listed below.

Organic composition

Unlike products that are based on chemicals and toxic materials, natural beauty products believe in the organic composition of ingredients and usually free of harmful benefits. This composition is harmless and keeps its effects natural. There are no chemicals involved in its production and therefore show results that are quite different than the conventional products we use.

Such products also have ingredients that work as fillers and thus keep the effects as natural and pure as possible. Fillers, even though they make no major difference to the composition, but have a separate effect on your skin. Therefore, using products that are rawer is key to added benefits.

To make sure you know what your products are made of, it is important to check the back of the products for their ingredients. Moreover, you can also check for the natural ingredients that suit your skin best and look for them in different products and brands.

Long-lasting benefits

As has been stated earlier, artificial beauty products have quick results with little benefits that give you your desired look in just a day or two. However, if you notice carefully, these results are not long-lasting. They fade away as quickly as they come and thus trigger you to buy these products time and again.

However, natural beauty products have an effect on you that will stay for a long time. Sure they take the time to show up and make not be as particular as you wanted them to be. But once you give natural beauty products a considerable amount of time, they will start to show you results that will be the best, especially when compared with their conventional counterparts.

Natural beauty products that are made out of organic processes do not provide you just one benefit. We find them with a list of benefits that they gift you with. For instance, if you are suffering from a skin rash, the organic products that you will use will not only do away with it in a couple of days but will also bring a glow to your face.

Accordance with safety standards

Another very important benefit that organic or natural products tend to bring in is the safety standard. Private brands tend to make personal products that are following customer needs first, instead of the standards set by the governments. Therefore, there are high chances of them harming you when compared to organic products.

Conventional products may bring in some of the artificial benefits that lure away the customers in the store and cosmetic shops and make them ignore their several disadvantages that come along. Also, there are a plethora of brands that don’t even adhere to the minimal standards of safety and can harm you and your skin in many ways.

Therefore, using organic products that are free of chemicals and are safe for you should be used at all costs is the key. You may also check their site and online reviews to learn how safe they are. You may also check if they have the certified license to provide beauty products on the site itself.

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To sum up

When related to conventional beauty products, natural beauty products tend to have a plethora of benefits. Every single year, a series of brands for the cosmetic industry release products that either follow the conventional process or the organic one. To help your choices for the next year, check out profiles of all the popular and helpful brands of 2021 and create healthy, beautiful skin for organic beauty. Fall in love with the new you!

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