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Petal and Post is founded on the concept of living naturally and organically.

Beauty is something we all know and crave. Beauty achieved in the most naturally possible ways contributes hugely to the philosophy of natural living. Clean & green beauty, in fact, is the corner stone of any natural, sustainable living.

You may be thinking detoxing your beauty cabinet means simply to read and follow product labels. It is a little bit more complicated than that.

Now, when it comes to natural living and more specifically green beauty, it could get confusing very quickly.

Our goal is to demystify this confusion and provide you with the answers you need.

As we explain what it it means

 - Green beauty, Clean beauty, Natural living, Organic living among other things, we would also bring forward some of the best products that are suitable and produced for a sustainable life forward.

While we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases, it is important to note that this potential for commissions does not play any significant role, in fact, no role at all in our quest to finding the right products and highlighting them in our product comparison reviews.

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Skin is our largest organ and it absorbs most of what we apply to it topically. While the studies into various ingredients to check their impact on our bodies and environment still continue, some harmful ingredients were already identified. For example, ingredients like phthalates can disrupt and create hormone imbalances. Then, there are ingredients that were banned as they are confirmed to harm the delicate corals. Did you know that coral systems convert carbon dioxide into oxygen 8 times faster than normal plants? Coral reefs are an important part of marine eco-systems. If enough of us switch to green beauty brands and organic way of living, there will be immense positive impact on our health and on planet earth.

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