The Beginner’s Guide to Natural And Organic Beauty Brands

Have you been looking at completely switching up your bathroom cabinet and switching to natural beauty products? You may have heard of all the toxic chemicals in beauty products urging you to switch to clean beauty.

Natural beauty goes hand in hand with both sustainability and great skin. Today, you will find many innovative, plant-based, and organic natural products on the market. However, you will have to pay attention to the product and brand you purchase. You will have to ensure that they give you 100% pure and natural products.

If you are a beginner, we have researched for you. Read ahead to guide you through what you should look for in the best natural beauty products for you.

How Do I Begin My Natural Beauty Journey?

To make the switch to cleaner products, survey and find out which products are featured in your skincare routine, stay on your body the longest. To give you a hint, your moisturizer may remain on your skin for a long time. It is best to switch to a natural and organic alternative here.

It is the best place to start as it happens to be a priority product. You can similarly identify any other priority products that remain on your skin for long. These can include your body wash and body lotions, sunscreens, deodorant, and hand soap.

You can then begin o switch your makeup to accommodate the best brand options with organic ingredients. Take care to add good mane care and beauty to your list as well. From shampoos, hair masks, oil, and cream ensure that every product is clean. And without any toxins.

Hence, use organic products and add them to your beauty routine one by one so that you don’t feel intimidated. You can give yourself a time period of, say, a year. Love the process and the botanicals you will incorporate. And, you are surely on your way to that much-coveted glow.

Terms You Should Be Aware of When You Buy Natural Beauty Products

When you begin your journey into natural care solutions for your skin, mane, and body, you will come across many terms. Read ahead as we give you a quick introduction to all of the terms in the natural beauty you should be aware of.

Clean Brands

If the brand you are opting for has a clean tag attached to it, you may feel the need to buy it. Clean simply means that botanicals and plant-based ingredients are used to create solutions to your care woes.

The base ingredients are non-toxic, and these brands are sensitive to the environment plus human health. You may have heard people say that only nourishing food that can be eaten is acceptable for the skin.

This is the principle that clean beauty lives by. It can then be used to make a range of products meant for facial, dry, and oily skincare. It is also used to make bath solutions.

Green Brands

Many manufacturers use the tag green to tag their beauty solutions. From masks to pure green bath solutions, these are great options to include in your routine. The idea is simply that the product does not harm the environment.

The focus is especially on the packaging, which may be biodegradable. While this is a favorite among anyone looking to save the environment, the ingredient list should be carefully surveyed to be safe and non-toxic.

Organic Options

You will find many manufacturers sell products that are certified organic. These are certified by the USDA, and the certification is rather expensive to procure. Do note that such certified products have to be proven to be 95% organic.

They should also contain no genetically modified organisms. Plant-based ingredients need to be used as much as possible and chemical pesticides are not used. From using natural color to fragrance, these options will prove good for your skin.

Non-Toxic Products

One of the most important tags you should look for in your beauty care is non-toxic. This means that any ingredient present in the solution has not been proven harmful for use in the usage amount specified by the manufacturer.

However, if you are switching to the best natural options, you should also see that the ingredient list does not contain any chemicals that have been deemed toxic by any authoritative third party.

This can include any environmental working group and even the European Union.

Cruelty-Free Options

You can take your conscious beauty efforts a step further and opt for cruelty-free options for your skin, mane, and makeup. This is a good practice to add to the natural living step you are taking.

It simply means that the product has not been tested on ay animals during the manufacturing process. Any animal’s welfare is also no compromised, and no animal derivatives are used.

For those of us that love animals or are vegan, opting for cruelty-free makeup, facial mask, and other solutions can help you feel close to nature. Your good conscience will also help you feel the glow inside out.

What Ingredients Should My Beauty Products Come Without?

The natural and organic beauty products you buy should be true to its label and without any toxins. This should apply to your mascara as much is does to your oils. While you can take your pick of the ingredients to avoid, there are some that you have to do without.

Read ahead as we discuss each in detail.


This is one of the top chemicals that you should exclude from your beauty care routine. If you have browsed through the ingredients in your beauty solutions, you may have seen isopropyl-, benzyl-, phenyl-, isobutyl-, and pentyl parabens. These are considered harmful and have been banned by The European Commission.

While the FDA has not concluded these, many of the best organic brand options have excluded these in their skin and hair care products. Parabens are largely used in many beauty products because they prevent mold and bad bacteria from growing in any product.

However, they are known to mimic estrogen in the human body. Hence, they prove harmful to the reproductive system of women. They can lead to hormone-related cancers and also thyroid disruptions.

When looking for the best beauty care options, it is best to look at the ingredients and exclude parabens.


Phthalates are often used in fragrances to help the last much longer on your skin. You should know that the word fragrance can contain any number of toxic and chemical ingredients in it. Its true compositions are not really discussed by any brand to keep it one trade secret.

They are also used in many beauty products to keep them pliable. On the ingredient list, they will be listed as DEHP, BBzP, DEP, and DBP. Contact with phthalates can cause reproductive harm to both children and men. It is also known to cause hormonal harm.

By switching up your fragrances and opting for the best organic brands, you will be able to keep yourself away from these harms. Pick a brand that clearly lists that their product is made of non-toxic fragrances or is fragrance-free.

It will keep your skin, hair, and health nourished and thriving.


You may have been treating your hair to all your keratin smoothing treatments without realizing that the ingredients may be anything but natural. The culprit in a brand’s products is substance formaldehyde.

The chemical helps your hair’s disulfide bonds that are broken and move it into a straighter position. The world over, formaldehyde is known to be a human carcinogen. It has been used even in products like nail polish in the past.

At present, it has been discontinued in most of the beauty solutions, including hair cream. In any case, to keep your skin, face, body, and health safely, ensure that you don’t pick up a brand that has solutions made of formaldehyde.

It is one of the biggest steps you can take to love your body and the environment and save up on the hefty price tag. Do note that this is a tricky ingredient and a product that claims to be formaldehyde-free but may not be.

Always browse through the ingredient list and pay attention to any reactions you have.

Ethoxylated Agents

When you think of ethoxylated agents, they are made of sulfates, oleth ingredients, ceteareths, and polyethylene glycols (PEGs). When you see bubbles in your face wash or shampoo, it is largely because of sulfates.

The PEG compounds, on the other hand, are used in solvents, softeners, and thickeners in hair care products. They also find use in base products like cream. To remove the hair-damaging properties of sodium lauryl sulfate, it is sometimes converted to sodium laureth sulfate.

This process is named ethoxylation and leaves behind a byproduct called 1,4-dioxane. This has been considered a human carcinogen. It is best to avoid this ingredient in your oil collection, face and body cream, and other eye and lip products.

Refined Petroleum

This is also called mineral oil and is sourced from petroleum. It is a moisturizing agent and is used in facial oils, lip balms, and in several other lotions also. Petroleum jelly is nourishing but is not the best option from an environmental point of view.

Because it is used in bath products, facial solutions, skincare, and lip and eye solutions, it accumulates in your body over time. It is a moisturizing option for dry and sensitive skin, but the repercussions are not worth it.

When used in lip products, they are ingested and proven harmful to your health over time. Mineral oils that are untreated or mildly treated are also considered carcinogens.

Understandably, the nourishing properties of petroleum jelly may have made them a favorite. However, it is best to avoid any type of product with this ingredient.


When you opt for skin care and other cleaner solutions, you may want to exclude triclosan in it. This is found in soaps, makeup like mascara, and a brand may also add to toothpaste sanitizers. It is not added to toothpaste lately.

However, it has been linked to skin cancer, liver fibrosis, and hormone disruption. Further, using it has no special benefits over the use of just plain soap and water.

Take a look at your ingredient list, and it is a good idea to avoid this. The best organic soap options will be free of this chemical in any case.


This a popular ingredient and is used in makeup, eye shadow, face powders, and other solutions. It is a mineral made from silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and magnesium. If talc is not purified, there may be asbestos in it.

It is especially harmful when the item is found in baby powders. If you opt for organic makeup, it is best to look into the ingredients list and see that talc is absent.


From the foundation in your makeup kit to oral routine options, a brand may add silica to many products. You will find amorphous silica in these skincare options. At times, the amorphous silica may be contaminated with crystalline silica, which is considered a human carcinogen.

Your face primer may also contain silica. It is best not to opt for a brand that adds silica as it can also be an environmental hazard that is good to keep free from.

Making Your Own Skincare Products for the Best Natural Beauty

The best part about cleaner solutions is that you will be treating your skin to some home-made or do-it-yourself solutions. The best part is that it is made of an ingredient list easily available in your kitchen. Along with this, it also religiously uses water.

Read ahead as we discuss some facial mask recipes that are made with easy-to-get ingredients. Make sure to remove all your makeup before you apply these.

Dry Skin Mask

For people with a dry skin type, here is a great DIY mask. You will need the following.

  • Mashed one-fourth avocado
  • Mashed one-fourth banana
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 2 tablespoon of organic Greek yogurt

All you have to do to have a mask ready is to mix all the ingredients for some time. Apply it to your face. You can leave it on for about 15 minutes. Once this is done, wash it off with water, and you are good to go.

Oily Skin Mask

If you have an oily skin type, add the following to your DIY masks.

  • 2 tablespoon of Orange Puree
  • A splash of lime juice and lemon juice
  • 3 crushed fresh mint leaves

Mix all of the above in a bowl. You can leave it be for about 5 minutes. This will allow all the additions to interact properly to give you the perfect glow. You can now apply it to your skin.

Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can then wash it off with water. Store-bought masks can be costly. This is a great alternative that comes at a negligible price.

Masks for Sensitive Skin

You can give some extra love to sensitive skin this year by using some kitchen ingredients on your skin. Here is what you will need.

  • Baby cucumber cut into pieces
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • 1 cup steeped black tea
  • A drop of lavender essential oil

Steep the black tea in water for at least 5 minutes. Once you achieve a dark color, add the raw honey and stir for some time. Add the cucumber slices and the essential oils in turn. You can also add sandalwood essential oil if you like.

Allow the cucumber to soak for about 10 minutes. You can then take the cucumber and place it on your face. Leave it on there for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can then rinse your skin by using warm water.

The mask will not irritate your skin, and you can apply it throughout the year.

Anti-Aging Mask

You will find anti-aging solutions in your kitchen too. Here is a DIY option for you.

  • A handful of blueberries
  • A handful of blackberries
  • A handful of raspberries

Go ahead and add and mash all of the berries and mix them. These are full of antioxidants that are excellent for skin care. You will get a thick juice-like consistency. You can then apply it and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

Rinse it off once done. Most skincare solutions that contain berries come at a hefty price. By making your own, your natural skincare will keep the price down and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Skin Brightening Masks

Here is one of the best masks you can make to add that glow to your skin at a negligible price.

  • A pinch of ground ginger
  • A pinch of ground turmeric
  • A pick of ground cinnamon
  • Three-fourth cup organic Greek yogurt

To begin, mix all of these ingredients so that they are combined properly. You can apply this to your skin. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. You can then wash it off with water.

Opting for Natural Deodorants

Just like the other natural options in your bathroom cabinet, the deodorant should also be one of them. It contributes to your health and not to the earth in myriad ways. Several antiperspirants contain aluminum.

Studies suggest that shaven underarm skin and using deodorants with aluminum is a combination that can lead to the early onset of breast cancer.

Although there are no conclusive studies, you can play it safe by keeping your deodorant natural and free of aluminum. If you are reluctant, switch to natural deodorant, at least on days when you are shaving.

It will lessen the rate of absorption and keep you healthy and safe. Here are a few things you should know about picking the right natural deodorant for your needs.

Pay Attention to the Scent

Your body is naturally more inclined to certain scents over others. For instance, the lavender essential oil may work right with some individuals, but others do better with tea trees.

You can pick your favorite scents and ones that fit your chemistry when you pick out natural deodorants. Most of these have an essential oil to add scent.

Look for Stain-Free Solutions

Even though natural deodorants are great for you and the environment, they may irritate and even stain your clothes. As for irritants, it can be due to an ingredient-list that uses baking soda and essential oils.

Underarm skin is sensitive, and you should only pick the best options for your needs. Other base ingredient options like coconut oil may turn the white clothes yellow. Darker clothing may see a whitish shine due to these deodorants.

Enquire and test to see if the brand you are picking has considered and eliminated this problem.

Switching to Natural Deodorant

Here are a few things you can do to ease your underarms and get them familiar with natural deodorants. This is especially necessary if you have always used artificial antiperspirants.

1.Exfoliate Your Underarms

Apply some soap with your loofah or washcloth to wipe your underarms clean and exfoliate them. Be careful as you do this. You don’t want to be harsh over this sensitive area.

Shave your armpits only after you exfoliate them.


You may be using roll-on deodorant or one you have to swipe. Whatever the option, apply a few swipes across your underarms. This should be enough to sustain you through the day.

For anyone who suffers from body odor issues, swipes the deodorant on before you go to bed. You can then swipe some on again after your shower.

3.Practice Patience

It surely takes some time for your underarms to get used to natural products. This may take a few weeks at most. You may also sweat a little more than usual during this time.

Look out for any reactions as well. When your body is adjusted, you will be good to go.

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If you want to glow from the inside out, supplement the natural products you buy with a holistic diet. Your skin responds very well to antioxidants, and it is a good idea to include a lot of berries, greens, and whole foods into your diet.

You can also use several of these topically on your skin. This will help you reduce the amount you spend on the price of most aesthetic solutions in the market. Read the labels and pay careful attention to the ingredient list as well.

Exclude any options that may seem toxic. By making a conscious shift to natural makeup, skincare, and hair care, you will be able to live a healthy and conscious life.

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