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As our body’s biggest organ, your skin is your most important immune defense barrier as well as your largest organ for eliminating toxins. Commercial products with harmful petroleum ingredients can plasticise and “constipate” your skin, making germs more likely to get in and toxins less likely to get out of your body. The result: neither you nor your skin are as radiant or as healthy as you can be.

Every day we use products that we assume are safe; but the truth is that many products on the market today are not safe and use cheap synthetic ingredients to drive the bottom line. In 1938 the FDA granted self-regulation to the Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrance Association (CTFA), a self appointed industry organisation. As of then, with the exception of colour additives and a few prohibited ingredients, a cosmetic manufacturer may use almost any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without the approval from the FDA.  Source:  "Prohibited Ingredients", FDA Office of Cosmetics Fact Sheet, December 19, 1994

The absence of government oversight for the $59 billion U.S. industry encourages companies to routinely market products with ingredients that are poorly studied, not studied at all, or worse, known to pose potential serious health risks.    

"By the time the average woman grabs her morning coffee, she has spritzed, sprayed and lathered with 126 different chemicals in nine different products". Many of these chemicals are also common in household cleaning products, which can contain even harsher chemicals that carry warnings about their corrosive and poisonous nature." Environmental Defence Canada

"12.2 million adults – one of every 13 women and one of every 23 men – are exposed to ingredients that are known or probable human carcinogens every day through their use of personal care products." research conducted by the Environmental Working Group

Health Canada approves approximately 1,000 chemicals and polymers each year for manufacturing.  In the United States, it is approximately 2,500 each year. With thousands of chemicals flooding the marketplace annually, it becomes virtually impossible to measure the cumulative effects of them as a cocktail in your body.

At Petal & Post we seek out beauty and lifestyle products which embrace the spirit of natural and organic living. This means that you won't find any products in our collection which contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), parabens, propylene, or butylene glycols, petroleum, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, BPA, lead, artificial dyes, harmful synthetic fragrances or animal by-products.

  • In fact, our sourcing policy looks beyond the elimination of these common ingredients to avoid and drills down further requiring brands to conform to Our Strict 'Free From' Ingredients Policy; a comprehensive list of ingredients found on government watch lists around the world.

We only stock products made by companies who do not test their products or ingredients on animals, nor pay third parties to carry out animal testing for them. Some of the products we stock have been certified by the Soil Association, Ecocert, BDIH, Natrue and the Vegan Society. Most are vegan, however ingredients we permit include beeswax, propolis, honey, milk and lanolin (from sheep’s wool and which has been tested for toxic residues). All of these substances can be produced without harming the animal in any way.

Each product we carry is accompanied by a complete, full disclosure ingredients list detailing its composition to enable the consumer to make a clear and informed choice.