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Petal & Post is the result of a journey which began with
a pregnancy, an interest in ethical luxury products and passion for retail.

In 2013, founder Jamie MacLean discovered she was with child and wanted to ensure she was approaching her lifestyle in a way that would holistically nurture her body and her baby within.  She began looking beyond her organic eating lifestyle and into the products she was using and applying on her skin.  Shocked at the number of synthetic chemicals in everyday lifestyle products and skincare disguised as ‘natural’, she felt cheated by the big brands and the organic posers and began researching the market. Disappointed in the lack of selection of authentically natural, high performing products accessible to the Canadian market, she drew on her 19 years in retail marketing, her entrepreneurial spirit and her faith in organic practices and set out to launch Petal & Post.

Jamie MacLean is a Senior Certified Marketing Director and Certified Retail Property Executive and has 20 years experience in the retail industry.  She created PETAL & POST to bring to life her vision that luxury and organic would one day merge, and that excellence in organics would benefit from scientific formulation. The brands she chooses are the ones that meet her demanding criteria - they must excel in their genre, they must be ethically produced, they must deliver outstanding results, and they must be certified organic or use truly natural ingredients.  Jamie’s desire is to build upon the successful retail formula she learned and believes in and apply these bricks and mortars principles to the online shopping world; offering exceptional care and service to each and every customer, and to innovate online shopping along its evolutionary path.