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Our skin is our body’s largest organ. It protects us, forms a vital part of our immune system, and regulates our body heat. Whatever we apply to our skin or come in contact with is readily absorbed into our body, making its way into the lymphatic channels, which form a large part of our immune system.

The body will generally utilise anything that comes from nature, recognising its imprint as its own. What doesn’t come from nature the lymphatic system will treat as a toxin, and will seek to defend itself by creating a reaction. In this way, petrochemicals and artificial chemicals create conflict for the body. A combination of both natural and chemical ingredients is equally confusing. There has been a huge increase in lymphatic-based cancers and skin disorders over the last few decades.  The skin responds to vibrant, natural, healthy ingredients, absorbing not just their nutrients but their life force too, just as when we eat vibrant, natural healthy food. As an organ, the skin is connected to our emotions and spiritual heart, making it deserving of all the tenderness and respect we can give it.

At the end of the day, we all want to look beautiful, but it’s not worth dying prematurely for.

Passion informs everything we do; from meticulous selection of the right brands to working with people who care as much about the environment as we do.  Many synthetic chemicals used in everyday products have been proven to have harmful effects on the body and the environment. We believe that using natural ingredients in their purest state makes a world of difference. Nature has provided us with powerful resources which work in harmony with our bodies and which make us look and feel more beautiful.

  • We believe it matters that we work with like-minded individuals and companies we can trust; we respect their passion for the products they create and the love, skill and expertise which goes into developing them.
  • We also believe in transparency - clear labeling and honest ingredient listing - to enable consumers to make an informed choice.