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Sûrface is the first skin care brand developed for the sole purpose of achieving healthy skin for those who live in the city. Sûrface uses scientific learnings combined with powerful natural and organic active ingredients to create modern skincare products that work any place, anytime. Based in Milan, Italy, co-founders, Ilario Schiattarella & Janne van der Laan, developed the Sûrface concept out of a necessity for a natural based skincare range specifically created for the harsh environment of the city and could be used mutually between them as a unisex line.

At the heart of all Sûrface formulations is Camellia Japonica with its purifying and anti-aging properties providing protection from the environmental elements of the city and counteracting the effects of smog and pollution. In fact, the entire line is formulated with active ingredients of natural and organic origin as well as dermatologically tested to be gentle on sensitive skin. This 100% made in Italy line offers a modern, stylish aesthetic, making Sûrface a truly unique unisex brand.

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Anti-Pollution:  Beauty's New Buzz Word ~ WWD 

A study carried out by Vichy shows that pollution causes "increased sebum production, amplified dehydration, reduced natural anti-oxidant defenses at skin's surface and a weakened defensive barrier." The report emphasizes the effect of these factors on the actual appearance of our complexion stating that "An accumulation of pollutant particles on the skin surface can diminish skin's radiance making it look dull." It is also noted that suspended pollution particles can be responsible for skin irritations and increased skin sensitivity. The damage in turn, can also lead to ageing and wrinkles on the skin's surface.


Surface Face Cream
SûRFACE Anti-Aging Face Cream $57.40 CAD
Surface Face Mist
SûRFACE Anti-Aging Face Mist $50.20 CAD
Surface Body Lotion
SûRFACE Body Lotion $40.20 CAD
Surface Body Wash
SûRFACE Body Wash $30.15 CAD

Sûrface Face Wash
SûRFACE Face Wash $35.90 CAD
Surface Hand Cream
SûRFACE Hand Cream $25.80 CAD