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Co-founder Kristin Donnelly has always been obsessed with lip balm — she keeps them in every bag, pocket and bowl. She came up with the idea to make lip balm in 2009 when she was an editor at Food & Wine magazine in New York. There were plenty of all-natural balms out there, but most were very desserty and scented with flavour oils. She wanted to create something more grown-up, so she started playing around with essential oils, like tarragon or cedar or jasmine. She used her culinary background to create the scents. For example, the Old Fashioned balm -- a blend of cedar, bitter orange, black pepper and cinnamon -- really smells like the drink. Because of Kristin’s background in cooking and her husband and co-founder’s background in wine, they approach their products differently than other companies. Not only do they source great ingredients (and hope to always strive for better), but they also think about the pleasure that they will bring. The scents, like Old Fashioned and La Nuit as well as the seasonal lip balms are unique, evocative and sophisticated. They want to delight people as much as they want to nourish their skin.

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Since starting their company in 2011, the founders thought about how they could change a little piece of the world (in addition to creating a great product, of course!). Their frequent Google alerts reminded them that food, water and shelter aren't the only necessities. Personal care items (yep, including lip balm!) keep people clean, comfortable and healthy, and that is important. They decided to share their lip balms with more people, especially with those who might not otherwise have access to them. Stewart & Claire supports the NYC Rescue Mission by giving back and donating product to those in need.


Stewart & Claire Autumn Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE Autumn Lip Balm $10.00 CAD
Stewart & Claire Bare Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE Bare Lip Balm $10.00 CAD
Stewart & Claire La Nuit Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE La Nuit Lip Balm Out of Stock - $10.00 CAD
Stewart & Claire Negroni Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE Negroni Lip Balm $10.00 CAD

Stewart & Claire Old Fashioned Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE Old Fashioned Lip Balm Out of Stock - $10.00 CAD
Stewart & Claire Summer Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE Summer Lip Balm $10.00 CAD
Stewart & Claire Tinted Lip Balm Trio
STEWART & CLAIRE The Rosé Collection - Tinted Lip Balm Trio $37.50 CAD
Stewart & Claire Tiki Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE Tiki Lip Balm $10.00 CAD

Stewart & Claire Winter Lip Balm
STEWART & CLAIRE Winter Lip Balm Out of Stock - $10.00 CAD