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Inspired by a long time fascination and love for natural products and essential oils, LURK provides a true luxury perfume experience with a modern edge containing none of the synthetics or chemicals associated with mainstream perfumery. Oil quality, sourcing and process are all core to the brand. LURK sources the highest quality raw materials and each scent and product is strictly created, developed and produced using only the best quality natural ingredients and raw materials. LURK’s vision and goal is to bridge the gap between the green beauty scene and the more mainstream beauty marketplace. To provide natural products without compromise that transcend the traditional concept of green fragrance and beauty. LURK is conceived and created for the modern organic lifestyle. LURK is 100% pure essential oils with no additives, synthetics, compounds, fixatives, chemical preservatives or phthalates.

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LURK supports HAIR2HELP, a non profit spa providing beauty services to cancer patients, and Wellness In the Schools, an organization that inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools.


Lurk BS 003 Eau de Toilette
LURK BS 003 Eau de Toilette $248.00 CAD
Lurk BS003
LURK BS003 $77.00 CAD
LURK Eau de Toilette Sample Kit
LURK LURK Eau de Toilette Sample Kit $16.00 CAD
LURK Sample Kit - 5 Scents
LURK LURK Perfume Oil Sample Kit $19.00 CAD

Lurk OM 011
LURK OM 011 $96.00 CAD
Lurk PRJ V1
LURK PRJ V1 $85.00 CAD
Lurk RSW 005
LURK RSW 005 $88.00 CAD
Lurk RSW 005 Eau de Toilette
LURK RSW 005 Eau de Toilette $299.00 CAD

Lurk TRN V4
LURK TRN V4 $88.00 CAD
Lurk VLC V3
LURK VLC V3 $88.00 CAD