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Turn home into HAVEN! These handcrafted home care products blend invigorating scents, truly natural ingredients, and beautiful, sustainable packaging so that you can nourish your well-being and the most important space in your life; home-sweet-home. Haven founder, Kayce White, comes from a family of Carolina farmers who dedicated their lives to harvesting whole ingredients to share with their community. Her great-grandparents had a natural home remedy for every ailment and took a tablespoon of vinegar and honey each morning, swearing by the combination’s ability to ward off illness. As she watched them lead happy, healthy lives well into their nineties, she realized they were onto something, and it inspired her to learn how to harness the power of nature in a responsible way that helps people lead healthier, happier lives. It was when she began finding unpronounceable synthetics in her go-to green cleaners that she decided to kick chemicals for good. She dedicated herself to creating a truly botanical solution for the home and began formulating and testing original blends right in her Brooklyn loft. The perfected results became Haven — a collection of uniquely multipurpose cleaners that get more chores done with fewer products, fewer dollars spent, and significantly less plastic waste.

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HAVEN’s mission is to help people get back to basics in a modern, progressive way that makes it easy to ensure we’re all following the campsite rule: leave this beautiful planet better than we found it!


Haven Lemon Scrub Scour Powder
HAVEN Lemon Scrub Scour Powder from $8.00 CAD
Haven Pop Up Sponges - Pack of 5
HAVEN Pop Up Sponges - Pack of 5 $16.75 CAD
Haven Wood, Leather & Steel Polish
HAVEN Wood, Leather & Steel Polish $14.50 CAD