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Fabulous Goose is a Scandinavian company founded on a desire to live a life with quality and a vision that it should be easy for a customer to make a safe and good choice. Therefore a fusion between design, production ethics, and safe natural materials, are the fundamental building blocks of Fabulous Goose. The label creates beautiful goods with unusual and vibrant patterns and designs inspired by fairytales, fashion and culture. They develop and produce these natural and gracefully designed Scandinavian products for babies, kids and the whole home. They are committed to quality and produce all of their products locally in the most sustainable way possible. All products comply with the stringent ecological standards and each of the certificates is an evident proof of the high quality, reliability and easy-care of their products.

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Sophisticated design, superior quality and safe, natural materials. Committed to the environment, Fabulous Goose produces all their products locally in the most sustainable way possible. They all made using pure, clean and non-toxic processes. Consequently, they all comply with strict ecological standards and carry certificates, which highlight their superior quality, reliability and easy-care characteristics.


Hookie Baby Hangers - 3 Pack
FABULOUS GOOSE Hookie Baby Hangers - 3 Pack $3.00 CAD $15.00 CAD