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Bambu began with a simple idea, ‘to turn people on to renewable materials’ and they have been on an extraordinary journey ever since. The founders discovered the wonders of bamboo while living and working, and traveling throughout Asia. They have met and learned from wonderful people in different countries; craftspeople, businessmen, technical people, farmers and academics. They spent over two years learning everything they could about the material before they even launched. They wanted to create a company whose values reflected their own personal values. They wanted to work with people who care about the things they care about. Bambu creates beautiful products that combined sustainable materials and responsible business practices for people seeking quality, simplicity and beauty in their everyday products. And also a positive experience from the company they support. They strive to creative positive change among their workplace communities. It’s not by accident that the founders live in China. Jeff and Rachel and their small team work directly with their producer groups everyday.

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Bambu has focused their 'give back' activity towards groups that support healthy eco-systems. The health of our planet is a priority. Their business model is built on locally sourced renewable resources. Similarly, they support two local groups that promote the health of our oceans, and the health of our honey bee population. Both are important aspects to a well-functioning, healthy planet. Seafood Watch is a non-profit group that promotes sustainable seafood purchase and consumption. Bambu has created a line of 'sea themed' products that carry the Seafood Watch sticker. The profits from the sales of these products are donated to Seafood Watch to help support their outreach programs. Bambu also attaches and distributes the Seafood Watch Consumption Guide on products and provides links to their smartphone app.  Bambu is a company with roots in Oregon and they have elected to support the Honey Bee research programs at Oregon State University. The OSU lab is one of the key research facilities on the West Coast building a fact-based understanding of the plight of our bee populations and provide education and support for helping to create healthy bee colonies. The importance of bees and other pollinators is vital to our food systems. They provide monthly contributions and also promote the work of the Honey Bee Lab through the design and sale of their products.


Bambu Baby's Feeding Spoons (Set of 2)
BAMBU Baby's Feeding Spoons (Set of 2) $9.50 CAD
Bambu Baby's Fork & Spoon
BAMBU Baby's Fork & Spoon $14.99 CAD
Bambu Soft Hemp Denim Baby Bib
BAMBU Soft Hemp Denim Bib $12.00 CAD
Bambu Travel Zip Pouch - Cork Fabric
BAMBU Travel Zip Pouch - Cork Fabric from $19.50 CAD

Bambu Travel Zip Pouch - Organic Cotton Stripe
BAMBU Travel Zip Pouch - Organic Cotton Stripe from $22.00 CAD
Bamby Travel Zip Pouch - Denim Hemp
BAMBU Travel Zip Pouch - Organic Denim Hemp from $22.00 CAD