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Aromaflage, a luxury lifestyle platform founded by husband/wife duo Michael and Melissa Fensterstock, is built on the cornerstone and commitment to health, long life, and living naturally. People want fashionable, health conscious, functional products allowing them to live their outdoor, chic lifestyles while not coating themselves or their families in harsh chemicals. Doing well by good is an important value to the brand; thus Aromaflage works with Burmese refugee women in Southeast Asia to promote entrepreneurship in the developing world. Aromaflage – currently fragrances and candles – is comprised of aromatic essential oils native to the Southeast Asian region. Their fragrance is inspired by the age-old tradition of using botanical extracts to repel insects, a practice first documented by ancient Roman, Greek, and Indian scholars – way before chemicals were used to repel mosquitoes – and is still common throughout tropical regions worldwide. Aromaflage also contains nourishing Vitamin E, recognized for its restorative properties and protective anti-oxidants, helping to fortify the skin against damaging elements of the outdoors. Live long, life healthfully, live naturally.

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Their lifestyle brand, Aromaflage, is their way of connecting their passion for the outdoors, chic lifestyle, and commitment to entrepreneurship. They believe in doing well by doing good. The brand's partner in Southeast Asia supports young Shan women refugees from the Burmese jungle, employing them with artisan skills, and providing them with housing and education. This work environment encourages self-expression, learning, and collaboration.


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