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Your Guide to Eco Brushes: Which is Right For You?

May 30, 2018 | 0 | posted in BEAUTY BUZZ

Brushes really help define and enhance someone's look. But which brush is the right brush to use? Here at Petal & Post, we sell all kinds of brushes. Some are for eyeshadow, some are for foundation, but all of them are made with ethics in mind. All our brushes are made using the finest quality materials that provide excellent makeup coverage for both cream and powder makeup. Lily Lolo brushes are made from the highest grade synthetic hair and have a white lacquered wooden handle. Each brush is completely vegan and cruelty free, meaning they have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal products. It's held together with a black ferrule made out of black aluminum, which give these brushes durability and strength. Our Studio 78 Paris brushes are made from natural hair and the handle is recyclable aluminum. All together, we sell 16 different brushes here at Petal & Post, all with unique uses and functions.  

So which one is the right one for you? In this guide, we'll show you what each of our brushes can do and what you should use them forWe hope this helps you choose the best fit for your collection! 

 Guide to Eco Makeup Brushes

Kabuki Brush 

You might have heard of a kabuki brush before, but what exactly do you use it for? Well, this dome-shaped brush is perfectly suited for blending powder on the face. It can be used to set finishing powder on the face, buff or blend your powder, or even apply blush to create a softer look. It's especially perfect for powder foundations. Here are three kabuki brushes we offer:

Baby Buki Brush – This mini kabuki brush is ultra portablemaking it perfect for travel. You can use this mini foundation brush to apply foundation to fine features around the eyes and nose area. It works great with mineral powders. Vegan and cruelty free. By Lily Lolo. 

Super Kabuki Brush – A traditional sized kabuki brush, this makeup tool is made of the finest fibres, creating soft and supple bristles. It's great for applying and buffing mineral foundation for a flawless finish. The stubby handle makes application very easy. To use, we recommend swirling the kabuki into foundation, tapping to remove excess powder, then applying it in circular motions. Vegan and cruelty free. By Lily Lolo. 

We Doll Up – Powder Brush – This brush is made of 100 percent pure goat's hair, trimmed from the goat's belly, a process that's cruelty free. This means the brush hairs are completely biodegradable. The aluminum handle is also completely recyclable, so no part of this brush will go to waste. To use, just dip a small amount of powder (mineral foundation or bronzer works) onto the brush and apply in circular motions. If applying bronzer, start at the cheekbones and work your way up to the temples. Cruelty free. By Studio 78 Paris. 

 Lily Lolo Super Kabuki Brush

Powder Brush 

If you like a brush with a longer handle, try a powder brush. It can be used for all kinds of powders: loose or pressed. You can use it for applying powder foundation, powder blush, powder highlighters or powder bronzers.  We sell two powder brushes we know you'll love: 

Powder Brush – This brush is dome-shaped, allowing for even placement of product. It is most often used to apply powder foundation. To use it, apply the pigment of your choice to both sides of the brush. Then, with a light sweeping motion, apply the powder to the entire face, or the selected area you wish to focus on. Apply more powder to the brush as needed, but make sure to keep the brush flat with the bristles moving in the same direction. Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

We Doll Up – Powder Brush - This brush is fantastic because it doubles as a kabuki brush as well as a powder brush. If you want an item that has multiple uses (and are okay using a brush made from cruelty-free goat hair), then this is the brush for you. It's smaller too, which allows for easy storage.  Cruelty free. By Studio 78 Paris. 

 Lily Lolo Powder Brush

Blush Brush 

This brush is a little more self explanatory, as it's perfect for applying blush. It's ideal for powder blush, but you can also use it to apply cream blush as well. We sell two blush brushes to choose from: 

Blush Brush – This angled blush brush is super soft and has angled bristles for perfect blush application. It's great for contouring and defining the cheeks. To use, apply the blush of your choice to the apple of your cheek with a swirling motion. Then, go upward towards your temples to enhance the effect and create a more natural look. Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

We Seduce – Blush Brush – A beautiful brush that provides easy application. This brush is not angled, but rather dome shaped, allowing you to apply as much or as little blush as you like. The bristles are made from goat hair and the silver handle is easy to recycle. To use, just dip a small amount of blush onto the brush and apply on the cheekbones, working your way up to the temples as you go. Cruelty free. By Studio 78 Paris. 

 Lily Lolo Blush Brush

Brow Brush 

Defining your brows just got a whole lot easier. Here at Petal & Post, we have the angled brow spoolie brush, a dual ended brush with a spoolie for combing through brows and separating lashes:

Angled Brow Spoolie Brush – This brush can be used for two different things: Combing brows and grooming lashes. You can use it to apply powders and waxes to define your brows. You can also apply loose or pressed eyeshadow with this brush to your brows (or even your eyelids). Thanks to the angled, firm end you can get the precision you want when applying brow filler or waxing them. Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

 Lily Lolo Angled Brow Spoolie Brush

Bronzer Brush 

If you like to apply bronzer, consider investing in a bronzer brush. Lily Lolo created a beautiful brush to help you apply bronzer like a pro:

Bronzer Brush – This brush has dense but soft bristles that make applying bronzer to the cheeks, sounders and décolletage easy. It's big enough to allow a light application, or a precise, more intense look. Build up bronzer for a more dramatic effect. To use, apply a small amount of bronzer to your brush and tap off any excess. Sweep across your cheekbones, across the forehead and down the nose and chin. You want to create a sun-kissed glow, so make sure to get anywhere that catches the sun on your face. Finish with one swipe across the collarbones, shoulder and décolletageVegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

 Lily Lolo Bronzer Brush

Concealer Brush 

For the perfect application of concealer, try a concealer brush. Concealer is ideal for those who want to hide blemishes on the face or dark circles under the eyes. Here are two concealer brushes we love: 

Concealer Brush – This concealer brush has full bristles for maximum coverage of mineral concealer or corrector. It's tapered to allow effortless application around hard to reach places, such as the eyes and nose areas. It's super soft, but firm enough to give you the desired coverage you need to make blemishes and spots disappear. To use this concealer brush, apply concealer on both sides of the brush. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, sweep in a half moon shape only in the area that is dark. With a tapping motion, use your finger to blend the concealer. This will help reduce the appearance of dark circles. To hide redness or blemishes, apply concealer on the problem areas and buff it out using the concealer brush.  Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo.  

We Boast About – Refillable Concealer/Lip Brush – This brush is definitely unique, considering its not only refillable, but also doubles as a lip brush. The replaceable brush tip is sold separately, but isn't that a cool idea? This diminishes the need to go out and buy a new brush (just the tip). This concealer/lip brush is made from short natural hair and has a recyclable aluminum handle. The brush has a narrow and flat head for precise makeup application.  To use, just apply a little bit of concealer onto your brush and apply where needed in variation sweeping and circular motions. Cruelty free. By Studio 78 Paris. 

 Lily Lolo Concealer Brush

Eye Shadow Brush 

If you love your eyeshadow, you'll definitely want (and need) a handy eyeshadow brush. We have a few recommendations as to which brush can help you out most, and what to use each one for.  Give one of these brushes a try:

Eyeshadow Brush – This brush is perfectly tapered, making for precise eyeshadow application using pressed or loose eyeshadow. The flat bristles give an easy and light application, but you can also use it to build on colour for added intensity. It's the perfect shape for adding a splash of colour to the outer corners underneath the eye too. Just swirl the brush around and pick up some eyeshadow, then dab and sweep it across your eyelid.  Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo.  

We Boast About – Refillable Eyeshadow Brush – This eyeshadow brush is fantastic because you can replace and refill the foam tip if it breaks off. The foam tip of this eyeshadow brush is pointed, allowing you to cover your entire eyelid or create a smudge for smokey eyes. You can even use the side of the brush to draw the outer rim as an eyeliner. To use, leave the tip dry to create a smokeymatte, natural makeup look. If you want bolder, more intense colour, wet the tip and apply your chosen eyeshadow. Cruelty free. By Studio 78 Paris. 

Eye Blending Brush – This brush is ideal for blending mineral eyeshadow together to create amazing, professional works of art. Its soft, fluffy oval shaped bristles allow it to create depth to the crease and outer corner of your eye. This makes it an essential tool for your makeup roster, especially if you love applying eye makeup. After applying eyeshadow, use this brush to blend eyeshadow so you can't see where it begins or ends, and to soften any harsh edges and lines. Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

Socket Line Brush – This brush has firm, short tapered bristles that are ideal for precise shading to the crease along the eyelid. It creates drama, depth and helps smudge out any edges. This is perfect for the crease and outer corners of your eyes specifically. After applying your base eyeshadow, you can use the socket line brush to add depth by applying a darker shade of eyeshadow into the crease of the eye. To complete your look, run a little of the darker shade under the outer corners of the lower lash line. This will really make your eyes pop. Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

 Lily Lolo Eye Shadow Brush

Eye Liner Brush 

Eyeliner is always kind of tricky to apply, but using a professional brush helps get the job done! If you're looking to create the perfect cat eye, we've got the brush for you. 

Eye Liner & Smudge Brush – This unique brush isn't just for eyeliner. It's also for smudging! Because it's dual ended, one side features an angled firm eye liner brush while the other features a smudge end. You can use the eyeliner end wet or dry to create a range of beautiful looks. To use, dip the eyeliner (angled) side into your eyeliner makeup of choice (you can also use mineral eye shadow). Then, using short swift strokes, line the top eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Repeat this on the outer edges of the lower lash line to add extra drama. Using the smudge side, use short strokes and small circular motions to create a smoky effect. Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

  Lily Lolo Eye Liner & Smudge Brush

Lip Brush 

If you love lipstick, and use a lot of it, a lip brush might be for you. Using a lip brush will make your lipstick last longer, because you won't be using as much product. Instead, you will be taking just a little bit of the lipstick and putting it on the brush. Here are two lip brushes worth trying:

Lip Brush - This lip brush has firm, flat and square shaped bristles. It's designed this way to achieve perfect application of lipstick (or lip gloss). It also comes with a lid, making it perfect for plopping into your handbag. To use, just load up the brush with your chosen lipstick and apply. Start from the centre of your top lip, then define the shape of your lips before filling in to give a fuller coverage. Vegan and cruelty-free. By Lily Lolo. 

We Boast About – Refillable Concealer/Lip Brush – You can use this lip brush as a concealer brush too (isn't that awesome?). The brush tip is also refillable, so if you ever break or lose it, you don't have to purchase a whole new brush.  This lip/concealer brush is made from short natural hair and has a recyclable aluminum handle. The brush has a narrow and flat head for precise makeup application. To use, just add a little bit of lipstick or lip gloss onto your brush and apply to your lips. You can layer this to create a light application or a bolder colour. Cruelty free. By Studio 78 Paris. 

 Lily Lolo Lip Brush with Lid

Bonus tip: Keep your brushes clean! 

No matter what brush you decide to add to your collection, make sure you keep them clean. It's important to clean your brushes at least once every two weeks. You can use unscented bar soap, dish detergent, or baby shampoo mixed with lukewarm water to clean your brushes. Soak the brushes in this, then take one at a time and gently fold a towel around the bristles. Squeeze the excess water out using your fingers. Once you've done this for all your brushes, let them air dry. Lay the handle part of the brush on a counter or table, and let the bristles stick out over the edge. This will prevent any mildew from forming. When they're all dry, you can continue to use the brushes like usual! 


Ariana Palmieri is a green beauty blogger and guest contributor at Petal & Post who strives to live as eco-friendly as possible. In 2015 she started her blog, Greenify-Me, to document her own journey with eco-friendly products, makeup, and the environment. The site features beauty product reviews, natural DIYs, healthy recipes, and more. Her work has also been featured on MindBodyGreen, Motivation Grid, The Penny Hoarder, Antonym Cosmetics, Plant Makeup, Jeannine Morris, Basmati, Beezy Beez, and National Viral.

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